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Choosing a Small Pet For Your Home

There are many animals that make good starter pets. A rabbit or guinea pig would be an excellent choice, or if space is an issue, a gerbil or hamster.

Looking after your small pet

All small animal cages should be cleaned about once a week. If you leave it any longer, not only will it begin to smell, it can also be unhealthy for your pet. It is also important to change water and food daily and to always throw away anything they don’t eat or drink.

Play Time

Guinea pigs and rabbits should be contained to a safe area at all times. If you are with them, it is ok to let them run about, but you must keep an eye on them for their safety and to avoid any destruction. TV and phone cables, curtains and all types of furniture are favorite chews for these guys! You can always cordon off an area for them, so they can have freedom without getting up to mischief.


If children in the home suffer from allergies, a small animal isn’t a good idea. Not only can they shed hair, but the dust from hay and bedding, will also affect allergy sufferers. A bird or a fish may be a better possibility in these cases. You may also consider a reptile – maybe a Bearded Dragon or snake. Some reptiles need to be on sand, so you will need to take that into consideration.